Monday, November 14, 2011

Uhpinions Posted my Submission!

Ok, this requires a long back story- but it has a funny ending....

First of all- There are a few blogs I follow for comedic relief throughout my day, one of them is called "Uhpinions." The blog is a collection of actual reviews people have left online for places, products and other things.

Next- Recently, I have been looking for a new apartment (long story) and have spent hours scouring a website called  This website allows people to post reviews of just about every apartment in the USA and most of these people are brutally honest in their opinions.  The managers of the apartments also have the option to comment on any review left about their complex.

Then - I toured an apartment complex called "Three Fountains" and later went on to check the reviews.  Without realizing it, I clicked on the reviews for the "Three Fountains" in San Antonio- not the one in Houston.  It isn't until after one particularly nasty review that I realized I was at the wrong one. However, the review and manager's response was so funny that I was giggling out loud sitting on my bed late at night.

Conclusion- I knew I had to submit this review to the blog "Uhpinions." And you know what....they posted it last week!!  Click below to see the actual blog or you can read it below.  Don't stop reading after the first review- make sure you read the manager's response....

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