Thursday, November 24, 2011

Navid Ghedami

Houston is really one of the most amazing places to live- you can do anything, see anything and go anywhere. While at a Halloween party, Evan and I met an artist (who happened to be dressed as a giant baby- I'll let your imagination run with that one :)

His work mostly includes metal sculptures but he also does some beautiful plaster work.  After having some fun conversations at the party- he invited Evan and I to an art showing of his....and we were thoughtfully surprised by awesomeness and superb craftsmanship of his sculptures. (Evan couldn't stop marveling at his weld points- I'm not even sure what exactly those are :).
Here's Navid and I sitting in front of my favorite sculpture.

Navid has an amazing outlook on life and his art- he is not one to let anything put him down and will plow through anything with the biggest smile on his face.  If he's working on a piece and it isn't connecting with him- he sets it down and finds something that makes him happy (which many times may be leaving his shop and taking the day off :).  Not a bad way to make a living!

You can see more of Navid's artwork here....

And here's Evan and I in front of Evan's favorite piece.

Definitely looking forward to having one of these someday!

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  1. You guys are meeting some of the coolest people! What an adventuresome life you are leading...enjoy.

    PS - Great picture of you & Evan. You look especially nice in that color green.