Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I've got the Blues....

I have quite a few male clients- single men either never married or never want to get married (ahem...again)..... and I think these guys are evidence of evolution right before our very eyes.  How many times have men failed to read the directions before starting a project....or asking for directions when they're lost??

Well, I think these bachelors are some sort of new species of man...hiring a design to help out with their homes instead of trying to do it themselves. Think about it!

A new client of mine is super easy going and pretty hilarious.  He initially hired me to add some custom draperies to his master bedroom...."NOT girly" was the only design direction he gave me.  Really, that's the only stipulation he had!

 "Alright," I responded, "I'll run with that!" 
So here are his new draperies for his master bedroom - blue and beige striped silk panels with tinted sheers underneath that coordinate with his existing blue rug.

And we had to connect the bed in somehow so I asked, "hey...what about some coordinating pillows for your bed?"  

Sure...just not "girly." 
So, this bachelor's room is looking pretty good! There are a few more touches I'm hoping to add (a painting above his console and a mirror above the fireplace). Not too bad for a girly-girl designer designing for a man's man!

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  1. Great manly bedroom. What an awesome room too - looks huge! I think that's a Baker brand bed he has., not too shabby for a single man to choose.
    As always, you did a fabulous job!
    Love you,