E is for Erika

Looking back to November of 2009, I never imagined where I would be today and the amazing things I am doing.  I am not really a follower of the Chinese New Year but this year, the year of the Tiger is my year and now I feel it.  I never imagined the incredible transformation I went through from college student to professional interior designer in just a few short months.

I now know that I couldn't have filled out an "About Me" page before today because I was still learning just who "E" was.  But after some soul searching and epiphany experiencing, here's a few things I think I've figured out so far.....

*After taking a leap of faith, I moved 1500 miles away from my family to Houston, TX.  Admittedly, my living situation is a little coocoo, but I wouldn't have it any other way; I live with my sister...her husband....their 2-year old.....their dog....and my older brother.  It sounds cramped, but our home is so bursting with love and laughter that I swear I'm never moving out!

*Design is infatuating and I am full-on obsessed.  It is constantly changing, ever-evolving, crazy, lovely, emotionally charged, subtle, obscure, colorful, subdued, and currently very close to my heart.  Working for Cindy Aplanalp at By Design Interiors is a dream come true and a stepping stone to the lofty goals I have set for myself.

*I don't think there is an ounce of pessimism or negativity in my whole body; there are so many things I have fallen in love with, grown deeper in love with, and am learning to like and probably eventually love,.

*Creativity is the root of everything I do, whether it be interiors, tackling through website design, attempting to teach myself to sew, stringing beads, baking yummy things, jotting some notes, or using my outdated camera to take awesome photos.  "The best ideas come when you close your eyes and open your heart!"