Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Party....Open house time!

As interior designers, we work really we know how to throw a pretty good party as well!  At the completion of one of my mentor's big projects, we threw an open house so everyone could see our work.  

Cindy has been working on this project since before the slab was poured and was there to place the last accessory after all of the construction was completed. 
Chelsea, Amber and I

My biggest contribution to the project was in the tile work and designs of all of the tile arrangements.  Each bathroom (7 in all), the two kitchens, several bar areas and a few other spaces here and there all had custom tile designs that were drawn up!
Here is a neat panorama of the kitchen. 
Amber, Cindy's mom, Cindy, Cindy's dad and me!
Panorama of the living room.

You all know this guy! He came out to check out the beautiful home and eat some of the delicious food prepared by Viking Chef Scotty.
Panorama of the powder bathroom. 
(The panorama's are created by an app on my iPhone- called Photosynth.  It's free- you should check it out!) 
It just so happened that the party was the same week as mom and dad's visit to Houston!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My New Office!

Most of you already know- but in January, I was promoted to a head designer at By Design Interiors!  I have my own collection of clients that is consistently growing, I have new business cards that say "Interior Design," and now I even have my own office!

It's amazing how much stuff you collect while working on various projects.  I have baskets, bins, tubs and bags to keep all of my clients' things together and organized.  All of these things were spilling out of the office I shared with my coworker Amber until it got to a point when the owner decided I needed some more space.

I even got to select my wall color- a happy sunshine yellow!  I just finished cleaning my office (on a Sunday night!) so please don't think it looks like this all of the time :)